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Rider Updates

Jan 28 2015

New practice gear came in, I'd like to take a moment to thank my friends over at One Industries for the hook up, as well as some new get-lighter-go-faster parts for the race bike! Currently looking for some support from a company that provides a decent 2 stroke exhaust system, any help at all is greatly appreciated as I'm on a very tight budget this season! Also, a big thank you for all of my recently acquired sponsors, I'm now on the first page of riders on the site! I couldn't thank you enough for your support and will do my best to represent you in the best way possible this coming season! I'm back on a cr125, I thought it would be a good way to hone my fitness and skills for this season and the ones to come, plus it's a lot cheaper! And we can't forget that feeling of passing bikes with twice or three times the displacement! Just purchased a little weight training gear, and I'm trying some new aerobic work outs as well. Hopefully that'll help with my stamina, legs were a bit weak last year also but that's all taken care of at this point. Well, I guess that's pretty much what's been going on within the last couple of weeks, again, thank you all, and I'm looking forward to representing your companies in the best way possible in this promising season! Can't yet say I'm the best, but I've never shot for any less!

Sep 20 2014

Back on a 125, missed the two smoke way too much to resist! Doing great and already getting much faster!

Apr 30 2013

Home track and enduro course are prepped, I'd like to thank all of my newly aquired sponsors, lets have a great year!

Jan 1 2013

Well, the New Year Hare Scramble went great, I placed 1st, but it was still pretty sketchy due to the 2 feet of snow we have up here. I'd like to thank my newly aquired, past, and pending sponsors, and to all of the currents, lets have a great 2013 season!

Dec 16 2012

My race team is holding an enduro, RSR Ride for Cancer, with a 15 dollar entry fee with 80% of proceeds going to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, on the 13th of July next summer, anyone interested in sponsoring it? Shoot me an e-mail! It would be greatly appreciated, as it is planned to be a very large event, and being a self funded team, we need all the help we can get! Thanks!

Dec 14 2012

Well, its almost been a year, but it seems like forever ago, when at a race, I had a terrible accident, and broke my neck, completley shattered my collar bone and thumb, fractured my shoulder, humorous, lower arm, wrist, and suffered from life threatening internal damage. I was in a coma for nearly a week, and laid up for the most part of four months. After that, since the nerve damge in my neck was nearly completley paralyzing, I had to attend physical therapy six hours a day every day for over a month, and I had to learn to walk, use my arms, and even go to the bathroom again. During those terrible months, my racing team, Rebel Son Riders, held a riding session to raise money for me, just to pay my medical bills. When I finally was able to stopped going to therapy, I took on a summer job, and since my bike was totalled, purchased a harshly used and trashed 01' CR125, and brought it back from the ashes, as I had to bring myself. Another challenge. I learned to ride again, and came back stronger than before. Now that I have been given a second chance, I have to fund myself, and with the many opportunities sponsors and other organizations have given me over the past months, I have made a comeback. I've been going up ever since, and I don't plan on stopping any time soon. To anyone out there who feels like giving up and needs inspiration, pin it to win it. I made my recovery, I was always hungry for the win, and now I'm back with a tapeworm. That's my story.  Thank you to all of my sponsors, you're a big part of what keeps me going. Couldn't have done it without you. Also, I'd like to thank my newest sponsor, LeoVince, and ASV, for renewing my sponsorship for the 2013 season!


Dec 13 2012

Well, this weekend the bike prep starts! It'll be good and ready for 2013, thanks to my awesome sponsors!I'll be sure to make you proud! Happy holidays and a big thanks to all!

Dec 12 2012

More sponsors! Jeezzz! Before I thank them, I'd like to thank Athena Pistons, for renewing my contract! And now for the new ones O'Neal, and ONE Industries! Thanks a lot guys!

Dec 12 2012

I'd like to give a shout out to my newly aquired sponsors, Gaerne and Leatt! Thanks a lot guys! New boots, and a new neck brace! Can't wait to see how 2013 turns out!(:

Dec 11 2012

Just bought a lever rebuild kit for my ASV F1 levers, they were hurtin' pretty bad, but the rebuild kit really perked em' up! Thank you ASV! Now I'm ready for a top end, Athena, here I come! Also just ordered a new helmet from one of my top benefit sponsors, AGV, thanks guys! Great helmet, great price! I'll be all ready for 2013, thanks to my wonderful sponsors. I'd like to give a shoutout and a big thanks to them: Pirelli-Dominus Corp., AGV Helmets, ASV Inventions, Athena Pistons, and one not on the site but still a nice help, IMS!