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Personal History

ive always been brought uparound racing , my gramp used to take me road racing with him from as early as i can remember , he is the one who takes me racing and we go do the bikes ourselves in the week .in my spare time i like to go dirt jumping ,running ,anything i can find to keep active basically 

Riding Goals

my goals for this year is to get into the top 5 in the mxy2 class and further my riding ability , we train on a 250 2stroke and race a 250 4 stroke , doing this is helping me a lot because it is making me more physically fit and improving my riding . in the next few years iwant to be challenging for the podium in the nationals 

Competitive Highlights

i won the bmxc 85 sw class and have had a lot of cllub level wins and a few top 10s at national level and am looking to improve