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Personal History

My name is Reese Bakken, I'm 16 years old. My birthday is January 8th, 1997. (Falls perfect for motocross!) I'm 5' 10" with blonde short hair. I am a good teenager in school and in public. I get good grades and I respect everyone around me. I am a very loving person and like to help people and make them succeed at a goal. I don't care if you have "the name" or not. All people should be treated equally and thats what I do. I have a excellent family. My mom, Trudi, my dad, Rob, and my nineteen year old sister, Mindy. I like to meet new people at the track and make new friends. I've been riding sence I was 5 and racing sence I was 8. I've been on a Honda CRF250R sence I was 13.  I try my hardest and do the best I can at anything. With out being a "cocky teenage kid!" Haha. I respect all my sponsors and will do the best for all that help me out and get me where I want to be. I recently got a 2013 RM-Z250 and I feel faster on it. It feels a little more comfortable and fits my riding style.

Riding Goals

Train hard and do well in all my events!