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Rider Updates

Jan 24 2013

At the 6 week mark into my first surgery. Had a doctor appointment yesterday and doc said 4 more weeks. Gonna hold off my next surgery till next winter if I even need it. Doesn't bother me at all and never has. I dont think it torn, but apparently its shredded, according to my doctor. Well see. Ill keep you all updated. Thanks Sponsors!

Nov 3 2012

Tore my ACL in my right knee and in the left knee the ACL is unstabble. Can't snowboarding or ride at all this winter. Crutches for 3 months. Surgery soon.

Sep 30 2012

Yesterday I went to a local race in Tigerton, WI and practice from 12-3:30. My knees still werent strong enough. I could have raced but it would have been painful and I didnt wanna risk crashing and hurting them even more. Doctor said if there not better in 3 weeks there going to surgically fix them.

Sep 16 2012

Attention Sponsors: I would be pleased if you could renew my sponsorship for 2013 season. I expect a lot of great things for 2013 and i wont be able to do it without your help! Thank you!

Sep 2 2012

Been doing a lot of riding lately. Getting some training in. Havent been racing lately tho. In the next week or two ill be most likely getting a 2013 RM-Z 250. Going to try going yellow, change things up and hope for the best. School starts wednesday and ill be back on a work out program, lifting weights after school and runnning/biking when i get home. Going to try my best in school this year, not settling for good enough. Want to be able to acheive my goals for later in life. Also, most of my contracts end december 30th, so I would love to ride for all my sponsors i ride for now, next year. I want to thank all my sponsors for helping me out and i will be making some orders coming soon. I got plans to go to Cali this winter with a friend that recently moved out there. Also, i may be going to Club Mx facility. Thanks again sponsors, hope i get to renew our deal!

Aug 12 2012

I did an all day mx camp with Chad Johnson. Helped me out a lot and learned new stuff!

Jun 16 2012

Sunday I got 2nd in 250 first moto. Second moto I was running 2nd for the first lap but crashed and got my handle bars to my chest. Got the wind knocked out of me and bent my bars really bad. Got up and took off back in 9th place and caught back up to 4th to take a 3rd overall. I also got the holeshot in both motos.

Jun 3 2012

This Thursday is my last day of school as a Freshman in high school. This summer my friend and I will be training with a friend of ours that will be racing pro nationals through out the summer. (Not every race) We plan to be working with him almost every day during the week and racing weekends.