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Personal History

I started riding motorbike ever since I was 3 years old. Yes, that early. It’s because my father was a motocross rider way back. I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers (1 deceased). We grew up in Asingan, Pangasinan Philippines hoping from one place to another to join races. From then on it became our weekend bonding after and before we go to our school. Motocross then became a part of my life until now, a way of my life with my family. Due to many life events I focused in motocross after I finished high School. Few years passed my brother died. He died at the age of 16 because of motocross. Our life at that stage was so low that it affects my racing career. I already had kids at my early age that’s why I continue to run races and win races the way I was.

Riding Goals

I ride because it became our way of life. I join races nationally. Today we usually go to places by land for airlines won’t accept motorbike on board. I race through invitations and if we had ample of funds I join Series. My plan for next year is to join motocross series here in the Philippines. I’ve been to Motocross Series but I can’t fully finish the series for the lack of budget and date conflict. For now I see sponsorship as the only way to finish a series. And, hopefully with my sponsors I’d be able to race internationally!

I also want to discover more of myself when it comes in Freestyle motocross. I lack resources. I wish to be able to build my own foam pit. And by that surely I can execute more of the tricks I’ve been planning to do. I do have plenty of time to do that but for now I focus myself in working out and preparing for future races.

Competitive Highlights

I’ve rated myself 10 out of 10 in my racing career for this year. I am the Team captain of a Freestyle Motocross group. I called our team the Unstoppable Athletes, the First freestyle motocross team in the Philippines. We have joined the famous reality show in our Country. We fight till the Grand finals of the show. We may have not won the title yet we never stopped. It became our beginning. I was also the first Filipino to do a "backflip" with a motorbike. And also, I have organized races locally. One of the highlight of the show was the Freestyle motocross show. I’ve always been aiming for the best. I will never stop. :) 

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Please let me know if you want my detailed Events and Results for the past previous years of my racing career.