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Personal History

I’m a 38 year old father and husband. I grew up in a family with five sisters that didn’t have a lot of money. Then I joined the Marine Corps where I served In Desert Storm, So I didn’t start riding until a few years ago. Now it’s my passion.

Riding Goals




I plan to make it to every race in 2008. To get first in my class . To get as many advancement points as possible towards becoming a B rider. Once a B rider I hope to make more national endures.

Competitive Highlights

I just started racing the enduros this year and I love it I placed 2nd in the District 36 C 86-300cc 4 stroke for the 2007 b/c series. I missed 2 races through out the whole season. One was the Wild Boar and that was because on the day before I raced the Wild Piglet with my Son and Broke my clutch cover. The second was the WFO Enduro and that was because after The Jackhammer Enduro, The 49er Enduro, and the Cowbell Enduro on the weekends preceding my bike needed a top engine rebuild. I hope to not miss any in 2008.