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Personal History

I am fifteen years old, and quads and racing is all i hav ever known. When i was ten yrs old i raced the first youth series of gncc in 2005. I was in fifth overall when we couldnt afford to race the next two races. But even with that obsticale i still finished 10th overall and had a national number of 20. I then got a hond cr85 few yrs after that and raced it until i was 13. Then i realized that i wanted to race quads. I got a 2006 yamaha yfz450. We began racing a local racing series, midwest xc. In the first race I choose to race C class instead of first year to be race with my older cousin. I ran 5th the whole race until the last lap were i ran out of gas. But i found the reserve and got it stared and finished 7th. 

Riding Goals

My goal is to finish the rest of the season and finish towards the top. In addition, i know i can run around top 5 and are hoping to get a 1st.  I want to finish on the podium!! With more experience and some more sponor help, I feel I can do this!!!

Competitive Highlights

the first race i got 7th and will post the later races. The next race is Fallen Rock  Brazil, Indiana on July 25.