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Personal History

My Name is Riley Higgins, I am 6 years old and had my first bike with training wheels when i was 2 years of age.

I am now on a KTM 50 and race and ride as much as i can. I practice on the track as often as i can after school

I love Riding my bike and race every time there is an event. I have been coming first in my division consistantly and am getting a good amount of blue ribbons.

My Name has been in the paper several times and it makes me very happy, we had a dress as your profession day at school and mine is to be a motorcross, supercross rider. My dad tapes as many events on tv as possible and i watch them all..

I am hoping in september that mum and dad can take me over to Syndey to watch the supercross.

My mum is writing this for me the best she can to tell you how i feel, this is my dream to ride professionally when im older but need to start young with as much help and oppurtunity i can get to get my name out there.

I would like to travel to as many events as possible to ride.

thankyou .


Riley Higgins.