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Personal History

I am a 14 year old from Bristol who currently competes in the 125 rookie class for my local team South Somerset. I have been riding since I was 8 years old when my dad purchased me my first SX 65, however I quickly moved up to a KX 85 small wheel due to my height. I enjoyed riding this bike for a year when I had an accident at my local track and snapped my femur. I had to have reconstructive surgery which put me out for a year, much to my disappointment! I was eager to get back on a bike and started riding again 2 weeks after I had my metal plates removed. I came back on a TC 85 big wheel and noticed I had matured a lot as a rider and was a lot faster than before. This is when my dad decided to sign me up for my local club and move me up to an SX 85 big wheel 2018. However, I only lasted a season on this bike and it’s was quickly outgrown, I now compete on a 2019 Yamaha 125. I have enjoyed competing this season and continue to improve as a rider, I hope to travel to Belgium in the summer to check out the tracks over there. I am out on the track practicing or racing every weekend along with my older sister and dad, its a family sport we all enjoy and love travelling the country to compete.

Riding Goals

I hope to travel over seas this summer and check out what the tracks have to offer over in other countries. I am looking to continue to grow as a rider and stay on my 85 big wheel for the 2019 season hopefully gaining lots of club points. In 2020 I am looking to move up to a 125 and compete in the junior classes against other teenagers from Britain. When I am older I would like to peruse a career in motocross, but my ultimate goal is to own a motocross shop and track.

Competitive Highlights

Managing to lap my dad and sister on their 250's!