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Personal History

I’ve always been infatuated with dirt bikes. I dated a girl back in 1999 who’s brother and dad raced. Once I saw it, I was in! I became a flagger and did trash duties around the track for chump change to start. Then for graduation my dad bought a used 2001 KX125. Fouled up some spark plugs, bogging in high gears, but I got the hang of it! After a year the new YZ250F was up and coming. Lots of people were talking about the changes. Well I begged my dad and we traded the KX125 for a brand new 2002 YZ250. I was in the 125 beginner class. Boy, oh boy, the hole shot glory was all mine until my first major injury in November of 2002. I fell out of riding for a long while after that. Started a career and got married. When I quite drinking back in 2014, I started getting back into dirt bikes. Coming up on 5 years without a drink and getting more focused and motivated by the day! Getting sober I became quite the Craig’s list shark for bikes for friends and family. Now, I own ten dirt bikes. All in great riding condition! Which I keep them in consistently because I love riding and I love being at the track! 



Riding Goals

My riding goals are to ride smooth and fluid with style, and to win! I plan on making the qualifier for Mammoth next season and want to get to every race I can! 

Competitive Highlights

Perris raceway held a mini madness event that was an absolute blast. I ran 5 classes for one of the events. I placed in four of the 5 races. What a blast! I love dirtbikes!