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Personal History

I grew up riding dirt bikes from the time that I was three years old.  I was the top rider in Arizona, racing the CMC series throughout the state.  In October of 2003, my life changed. My family and I were en route to Iowa to visit family, when my father tragically fell asleep at the wheel, causing our truck to roll at 80 miles per hour, and me to unfortunately be thrown out the back side window, which caused the truck to roll on top of me.  My spine and spinal cord were completely severed, my pelvis was broken, ribs were broke, lungs were collapsed, and I suffered minor brain damage.  I had emergency surgery when flown back to Arizona.  I now have two titanium rods going up each side of my back, and am now paralyzed from the waist down.  I started riding quads just a few days out of the hospital, and I now race them.  I am currently racing the WORCS series, throughout the west side of the United States. “ WORCS off-road Racing” I also planning to race local call smx at Arizona cycle park.

Riding Goals

What I would bring to your company
I am a well known racer throughout the state of Arizona and in the WORCS series, which is a world renowned series.  I am constantly advertising due to the fact that I am always at the track every weekend, and I am going to different state tracks at least once a month.  My racing career seems to only be improving at every race I compete at.  I am a very outgoing person and I get along with everyone.  I will constantly support your company in every way possible and in every way that you may ask me to do so. 
What I am asking of your company
I am asking for your support in my racing career.  Racing is a struggle for everyone who does it, but it seems as though I am achieving the inevitable.  My racing is the most important thing in my life.  Honestly, it is what keeps me going everyday.  It is very hard for me to afford my racing, due to the fact that yes I am only 26 years old.  I do everything I possibly can to make it to every single race that is available to me.  I haven’t missed one yet.  Your support would help me a tremendous amount in achieving my dream of becoming a professional quad racer.  Thank you very much for considering me.


Competitive Highlights

 2003 Copperstate Championship Series Grand Champion ( dirt bike )
 2006 Copperstate Championship Series Grand Champion ( quad )
 January 2007- WORCS race in Surprise, Arizona at Speedworld MX Park 6th place
 February 2007-WORCS race in Adelanto, California at Racetown 395 1st place
 June 2007- WORCS race in Toutle, Washington at Riverdale Raceway 5th place
 Local Tracks- A lot of local track racing all over Arizona, placing either 1st or 2nd
 2008 Arizona Championship  2nd overall novice
 2009 firebird cup championship 1st overall intermediate