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Personal History

My name is Rodney Turnbeaugh and I eat, breath, and sleep motocross. I love this sport because it gives you a rush. I am very smart academically. My overall highschool gpa is 3.8. I do my own work to my motocycle and pay for everything myself. I would like to change having to pay for everything because it is very difficult to keep the financial backing. So if anyone would love to sponsor me i would be glad to accept your offers.

Riding Goals

Some of my goals for this coming year is to be able to go to more races, and get some sort of support from sponsors.

Competitive Highlights

In my 1st race I rode a bike I have never ridden before and I took 2nd place.

On May 17th I wrecked in the 1st heat and got took off the track by perimedics for fear of a spinal injury. I got checked out and was fine and got my bike ready for the 2nd heat. I got the holeshot and led the whole race and took the checkered flag. After this race and with further inspection there was over 500 dollars in damage to my motorcycle. I took 3rd overall in this race.