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Personal History

Started riding at age 4 ona Honda cr50. Started to race at age 5 ona KTM 50 and won the Milestone Podium Productions Championship. At age 7 I was chosen to race at the KTM Jr. Supercross Challenge in Dallas Texas. At age 8 I won the Lake Elsinore GP in the 65cc class. The I raced at Hangtown for my first WORCS race and finished 3rd. I the broke my leg in a practice crash not too long after that. Then after hard work to get ready for racing again I won't the next 3 races concluding the season. I then moved to the 85 class picking up some sponsors along the way and finishing2nd in the points standings at the end of the season. I am now in the 125 class and have clinched the title for the WORCS 2013 season. 

Riding Goals

My racing goals for this year is to progress as much as I can and win as many races and hopefully championships through hard work and practice.  In the next couple years I want to be able to progress to appoint that by age 16 or 17 I can move up to the Pro 2 Lites class. I want to represent my sponsors as much as I can in a respectable manner on and off the track. 

Competitive Highlights

  • 50: 1st 1st 2nd 2nd 2nd Championship. KTM Challenge in Dallas Texas
  • 65: Podium Productions, 1st 1st 1st 2nd 2nd Championship. Lake Elsinore GP, 1st. WORCS, Hangtown 3rd  Glen Helen 1st
  • 85: second in WORCS season. Lake Elsinore GP, 1st
  • 125: clinched title for WORCS 2013 season. Adelanto GP, 2nd