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Personal History

I have been riding competitively at a local level for 20 years now, and I am at what undoubtedly is my physical and mental peak. I train as hard as I possibly can, enduring weight training and endurance work to be at my best throughout the week.

Unfortunately, my 'speciality' is a sport which is not as well-known as motocross or road racing, and so I have to work much harder to gain personal exposure. 

However, the sport of Sand Racing is one which is a potential gold mine for many companies, as it's season runs throughout the Winter months as opposed to Summer.  By sponsoring me, your organisation has the potential to further increase it's year-round exposure, advertising, and ultimately - profit!

Please feel free to enquire further about me, my achievements and the sport of Sand Racing, and I will strive to accomodate your queries.

Thank you.

Riding Goals

My goal every time I enter into competition is to win.  However, in a broader sense, my goals are to continue to develop my skills, continue to win Championships, and hopefully progress onto much larger and notable achievements in the near future.

I feel that I really need some backing to do this, and by meeting a great group of people through this site, I intend to make our team more and more successful with every lap I put in.

Competitive Highlights

Please see my Events and Results page for my most notable achievements.