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Rider Updates

Dec 17 2012

Hi everyone. I've just updated my Events and Results page with yesterday's finish-thankfully it with a win this time! It was very close racing, and hard fought, but I came away with 4 wins and the overall so I'm happy. I now have an 8 point lead in the Championship and the next Round is the Boxing Day meeting, and so a must win event. It's also my birthday so hopefully there's double celebration! Hope to see you all there! #1

Nov 22 2012

Hi guys,

I have a couple of updates for you all this week - here goes..

Firstly, I have recently found out that I finished Round 1 equal 1st as opposed to 2nd which is great news (although outright 1st is always the aim).

Secondly, at Round 3 last week, I unfortunately had a mechanical failure (my first for 3 years!).  Obviously I'm frustrated that I've effectively missed a round of the Championship now, but I can still say that I'm leading the points chase thanks to my two earlier wins.

Round 4 is on 2nd December - hope to see you all there.

Redemption will be sweet.


Nov 12 2012

Hi all. Just checking in to say that I arrived back in the UK yesterday evening and am really looking forward to Round 3 this Sunday. Just got time for some last minute preparation and some light training and then it's go time. I'll keep you informed of the outcome afterwards. Catch you all soon, Ross.

Oct 29 2012

Morning everyone. As promised, we delivered our first overall win of the season yesterday, and took the Championship lead as well. Just wanted to let everybody know before I fly out to Oz to see my family-I can relax a little over there at least knowing we're back in charge. The bike felt awesome-big thanks to Chris Gunster for the use of his dyno to test some ignition maps, and I felt like I was getting back to where we were at the end of last season. Once again, big thanks to everyone for your support-we're here to win. #1

Oct 26 2012

Hi guys.

Just to let you know that Round 2 of the Championship is this Sunday - I will update you all on my results when I'm back from Australia on 12th November.

Like I said before, 2nd isn't what we're here to acheive - everything is going into making sure that it doesnt happen again.

See you soon,


Oct 18 2012

Hi everyone.

Just a check in to say that I've updated my results page from Round 1 of the Championship.  Not great news - 2nd on the day following an awful last race.

There's an incredible amount of competition this year in the class, but it's only going to make me work even harder than I ever have done before.

Come Round 2, I'll be ready, and we're coming out swinging.


Oct 10 2012

Hi everyone!

Just a quick check in to say thank you so much to all my sponsors for the upcoming season, and also a reminder that Round 1 is this Sunday, the 14th October!

I'm so excited to get back out there, and feel that it's going to be a great year with all the backing I've received during the off season.

Thank you once again, and I hope that come Sunday night, I'll be posting a victory on my Results page!

Ross #1

Aug 15 2012

Hi all,

I need to welcome onto the 2012/13 team the following sponsors: SMITH OPTICS and TWIN AIR!  These are great products and I am very much looking forward to working with all of my sposnors this year to show people what we can all acheive with some hard work and dedication.

Remember, it's titles 9 and 10 up for grabs for me this year, so if you would like to be a part of what is hopefully a magic year then please contact me and we can talk.

Hope everyone is enjoying the updates - I can't wait to race!


Aug 14 2012

Looking forward to hitting the gym tonight for strength training - not long until the season starts now and I refuse to let my new sponsors down!

Just want to say that if anyone still would like to support my 2012/13 campaign, please get in touch and we will sort something out.

This year is going to be the best ever - lots of competition, lots of support, and hopefully lots more gold!

Thank guys, #1

Aug 12 2012

Overwhelmed isn't even the word! I've now sealed sponsorship for the 2012/13 season with the following companies:






All of you guys are amazing, and your products are even better!  It's because of companies like you that people like me work so hard to acheive our goals - this year will be no exception!  I'm going to come out swinging at the first round and show everyone how much good support really does help.

Thank you so much once more! #1

Aug 9 2012

Wow!  Another sponsorship deal closed for the 2012/13 title hunt!  Thank you so much to everyone who has come forward so far - including LEO VINCE EXHAUST SYSTEMS!

Fantastic products, and I'm so looking forward to working with you guys to get the job done this year and win titles number 9 and 10!

Let's do this!


Aug 9 2012

Hi guys,

Just been adding all of the rounds of the 2012/13 season on my Events Schedule.  Would be great if anyone can make it there to see the spectacle! 

Got some business moves to make this afternoon checking through emails etc for the year so I'll be back tomorrow - let's hope I find some more support.  Everyone has been great so far!

Big shout to new sponsors for today - Gaerne, Pirelli and Maykers - you guys are fantastic!


Aug 9 2012

Got even more support offers this morning guys and the products look amazing!  A huge thanks to the new additions to the 2012-2013 team!  You guys provide some amazing items which I'm sure will be on show, on top of the podium this season. 

Keep the offers coming - I'm still looking for some more race support to clinch my sixth title.  So motivated right now!

Thanks again, Ross.

Aug 8 2012

Been looking through some product and sponsorship deals this afternoon and I'm thrilled to welcome some new sponsors onto the team. Please keep the offers coming through-I can't wait to get out there on October 14th and go for another title! #1

Aug 8 2012

Hi everyone.  I'm back in the UK now and currently browsing sponsorship offers for the 2012-2013 Mablethorpe Sand Racing season.  I'm overwhelmed with the offers of support already and I hope that there will be more help on the way soon!  To everyone who has come through so far, can I just say a huge thank you, and to those who are considering doing so - please come on board and let's work together to get the job done!

Thanks, Ross.

Jul 30 2012

I will be away on business for the next week, returning on Wednesday 8th August.  Any sponsorship offers will be viewed on or after this date.  Hope everyone continues to support what I am trying to achieve, and that we can come together and succeed in the 2012/13 season.

Thank you!

Jul 27 2012

Hi everyone. Forgot to mention that you can follow me on Twitter on @24_MC or get me on Facebook too! Thanks.

Jul 27 2012

Wow guys!  What can I say? - I'm seeing some really great companies on here, and it's great to see the sort of help and support on offer.  Really can't wait for the season to start in October - we're taking 'em down!

Fitness training tonight at Louth Meridian Leisure Centre and then hopefully some bike time in the workshop later.

Get in touch guys - let's be winners together!

Jul 26 2012

Currently awaiting sponsorship.  Please feel free to contact me to arrange talks.  Thank you.