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Personal History

Name: Ross Warner

Age: 23

Hometown & Current Town: La Crosse, IN.

I got my first dirtbike at 12 years old. My dad rode for fun when he was younger, but never at a serious competitive level.

From the moment I ripped across the yard I was hooked. It was the most awesome thing I ever did and immediately I wanted to race.

I grew up in small town Indiana (Less than 500 People). Attended public school, went to college for 4 years and now at 23 I'm a Project Engineer for a large Commercial Construction Company and I have a lot of unfinished Motocross goals to achieve!

Riding Goals

My 2017 Goal is to make Regional's in the B Class for the first time in my career.

Then depending on how it goes I would like to move to the A-Class for 2018.



Read Below for my story to this point.


When I started racing at 12 years old I was terrible, but I picked up pretty quick even with my lack of experience, by 13 I was batting and beating kids who had been racing since 5 years old. For the first couple years in was just for fun, but by 15 years old I wanted more.

Before the 2009 season I was in a really good spot, good bike, good parents, good fitness and my goal was Loretta's that year. At that time I played Baseball, Basketball & ran Cross Country for School.

In January 2009 I sat down with my parents and told them "My goal is to go to Loretta's this year, all I want to do is race. I don't want to play school sports, only racing."

My parents answer..........

"No we aren't doing that, we will do the local races, but that's all."

At that point I almost wanted to just quit, like how could you not support what your kid wanted. I wasn't asking for new bikes, anything more than we had, just to go to bigger races and try, hell I might not have even made it out of a qualifier, but they wanted no part in it.

From that point I knew if I ever wanted to pursue higher level racing I'd have to fund it myself. I knew how expensive racing was and how much families struggled so I knew I would need a good career.

After High School I went to College for 4 years (Community to save money and continue riding). I now hold a Bachelors in Construction and I am a Project Engineer for a large commercial construction company. I have a good Salary, Insurance & Retirement. I'm set for years of racing to come and I know my peak is years away.

It's been a long road to the point, but I'm right where I should be now and couldn't be more exited for the future of my career.

Competitive Highlights

I had success at a lot of small races in Indiana from 2007-2011, but I really don't find those relevant.

2012-2016 I was in college and it was hard to balance: Racing, Fitness, School & a Full Time Job.

Preparation usually wasn't there and due to that I rarely raced. I basically just practiced and race results were so-so (They did not reflect my true talent).


2017 I intend to put down results that reflect my true talent.