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Personal History

My name is Russell Kingsley. I am 22 years old. I love being outdoors with friends and family.

 I love to ride and race as much as I love to work on the bike, cars and everything. I am my own mechanic. I like to draw on my own time.

 I'm adopting a 2 year old girl. Im in the middle of buying a house and trying to start a family.

I race not to win but to have fun. The feeling of being 20ft in the air is unexsplainable.

I am a huge adrenaline junky. Im not afraid to do something even if i might get hurt from it.

I have an over active imagination. I try to have fun all the time but also be serious when i need to be.

Riding Goals

For this upcoming year one of my goals are to keep my bike running all year without any big problems.

A nother goal i have is to make 70% if not more of the races, and to finish the races.

I don't have any big goals on what place I finish just hopefully in the top ten.

I'm just looking forward to a fun year.

Competitive Highlights

Race season of 2010 doing the middle of the season, on one of my favorite tracks; coming down the back section of the track right befor the final turn of the final lap. I was side by side with a YZ 125. It was only for 16th place but still. I managed to just squeeze by him right befor the turn and took 16th.

On that same track, same season, a few races down the road, went through practice fine with no problems. Then the first moto came up. The gate drops and I'm in the top ten. Coming up to the second turn and I'm not slowing down. It was as if my brake fluid was low. So i steered into the hay bail for if I didn't I would have taken out at least five ather racers. Thinking nothen of it i push on, in last place none the less. I come out of the corner and double down into the valley then i double out and up over the hill to the flat land turn on the other side to soon realize I don't have any rear brakes at all. So I realide on my front brakes. I come up over the other side of the hill to a sweeper, so i pinned it, and then soon was going to fast to make the turn and went straight across the track almost into a tractor. That was the end of that race day for me.