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Personal History

My name is ryan Biland I started racing bmx an motocross at 12 when I was 18 I won the expert class for bmx an was riding B class on dirtbikes this is my passion I have to older brothers that still race I have two beautiful daughters that ride I have been racing Quad expert class on my Suzuki 450r  an still a B rider on my awesome  two stroke cr 250 keeping it old school  I am a operating engineer underground worker  for 18 years now

Riding Goals

I love riding An now this year I want to win the series at our local track both Quad an bike also like to hit some endro races;

Competitive Highlights

Won 18 year old expert class bmx  won 80cc class 2 years straight  1 year series won on a 125  still working on winning series on my 250 winning my first year in Quad expert class