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Rider Updates

Aug 21 2008

Well as of now for the winter and upcoming year I have 3 new bikes. I will be riding an 07 Cobra King and a 06 Cobra King Mod for the 50 classes and a 08 Cobra CX65 for the Junior cycle classes.

Jul 25 2008

We are still waitining on the final placements from the Oklahoma State Series. Nothing in stone has been posted so keep watching.

Jul 11 2008

For the winter and next spring I will be on a 2007 Cobra King 50 and a 2007 KTM 65SX. Be watching, big things are ahead of me for next season!! Now Im off to Cooperland in Stillwater, OK for the final series race. Wish me luck

Jun 7 2008

I have been working and training very hard the last couple of weeks to improve on my cornering. I have been having a little ttrouble with it but I think I am really figuring this out!!

Today I went down to Lawton to the track for an open race. I put my new style in place and I was flying!! I raced the open class 50cc and there were 8 in my class, along with 4 65cc 9 - 11 y/o's. I ended up 2nd overall because of a crash and still beat 3 of the 4 65's!!! Huge improvements.....Watts OK race comin up in 2 weeks....Im off to train more!! Pics comin very soon....

May 25 2008

Well the Ponca City race started out very wet and very very muddy!! Practice laps on Saturday were a little challenging on my 50 but we managed to get through with no problems.

Races on sunday were wet at first but dried out by afternoon and the track was perfect!! Just as at Tulsa I flew in the Open class and had some bike issues in my 7-8 y/o class which put me back a lot further than I shoulda been. We have everything worked out now and come the Watts race in June.....Look Out!!

Apr 26 2008

Races starting back up this weekend if the weather will hold out. Saturday the 26th will be practice at Bartlesville ,Oklahoma and 27th is the races. Ill be posting results as soon as possible. Wish me luck!!

Apr 12 2008

Since races were cancelled, we will be in Tulsa tonight racing. I will post results!!

Apr 11 2008

Races at Bartelsville were cancelled due to track conditions. Races were reschedules in two weeks. The 26th and 27th of April.