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Personal History

I grew up riding a crf 50. I never really had racing in mind up until about 3 years ago. i got my first race bike begining of 2015. my first race was at miles mountain mx in the junior mini class were i took dead last because it was my first time on the bike. I took 2 years to get good on the 85 and went to sick bros first race of 2017 and took first place in the senior mini class and have been improving ever since

Riding Goals

My current riding goals is to be out of novice class bye this year. i have the speed to race the amatuer class but haven't moved up yet because my starts havent been the greatest. but thats gonna change real quick.

Competitive Highlights

I have had some minior success racing so far. i finish off the 85 class winning most of my senior mini races. moving up to the big bike was another story. I was so nervouse moving up to the big bike because the classes got larger and the bikes got faster. i have had many issues getting good starts but i have gotten a couple but i have had tip overs or little mistakes the keep me from getting wins. but ive been training and working out on the off season to get myself prepared for better results in 2019.