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Personal History

Well I am almost 31 years old and grew up in southern california. I have a beautiful baby boy named callan who as of today is 6 months old and a beautiful SUPPORTIVE wife.  I grew up riding and racing off road in the mojave desert with my dad and younger brother.My dad is an old desert racer and he wanted to get his two boys into the sport he loved. Well needless to say we were hooked from the start. I started at the age of 6 on an xr 75 and never looked back. Until the age of 20 when i broke my back quite bad and was bed ridden for a month. I had a tough recovery and was forced to sell my bike because of money reasons. I didnt ride a dirt bike for almost 7 years. Its hard to explain why it took me so long to get back on a bike. I was living on the beach in san diego for one and all my friend who rode were back home. Everything happens for a reason and I dont regret a thing.

My brother was now working for transworld mx and he got me back into the sport i loved so much 3 years ago. I now ride and race as much as possible and its hard for me to believe i walked away from all this fun for so long. But i cant dwell on the past cause I'm here now and having a great time. Now i get to experience what my dad felt all those years ago by hopefully showing my son the sport i love.

Riding Goals

Well first off is to be raising my little 6 month old son callan.  My goals for the 2009 season are to just get back into serious racing shape by doing lots of swimming and mountainbiking over the rest of the summer   and into the fall. I plan on racing the majority of the national hare and hound series and my goal is to be in the top 10 in my class.As i said above, i havent raced in 10 years and  I'm not 20 anymore. Gotta work at being in shape. I want to  go out and be competative in my class and move up to the amature class where the competition will be tuff and challenging. When it comes down to the big picture, i just want to go out and be safe all while hopefully winning and having FUN. Prove that i am worthy of sponsorship and to promote the companys i ride for.

Competitive Highlights

I won the first 6 races i entered in at 13 years of age out in the desert. They were district 37 enduros and hare scrambles. I was in the 200 novice then intermediate classes. As for my new found race history, i would have to say the Rovers m.c. hare and hound. I finished 6th in class and 21st novice. there were 60 plus novice riders and i had to pit myself because i couldnt get anyone to help me out. It was an 80 mile race. I had a real sense of accomplishment after that race.