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Personal History

Hi, my name is Ryan Nelson. I have two sisters and an older brother. I have a German Shepard named Sadie who loves to chase me why’ll I ride and sleep beside me when I’m home. I’m a pretty shy guy until you get to know me and that’s when I break out of my shell and show my funny jokester side. I like to spend most of my days outside riding bicycles, swimming at the local pool with my friends, playing football, and riding dirt bike. I first fell in love with riding last summer(2017)when my parents bought me a Honda CRF 110. I never would have imagined myself ever wanting to motocross race until I met my very best friend on a dirt road one day riding his YZ 2 stroke. He asked me if I wanted to ride his bike and after that day I was begging my parents for my own 2 stroke. We live about 55 miles  from the closest track so my friends and I spend most of our time riding out in the country or hitting jumps that we have built. My parents own about 5 acres of land and are in the process of building our practice track. I completed the Sedlak off-road school in April and also my first race. I have learned a lot so far and I know I have a long way to go. I am determined, and willing to put in the hard work it takes to become a better rider.

Riding Goals

My riding goals are to place in the top three in a NDMA race, ride in a Loretta Lynn race, and eventually would like to be good enough to ride in a super cross race

Competitive Highlights

Completed the Sedlak Off-road School, and completed my first race at the Dickinson, ND speedway. Attended Boom Diggity I’m Missouri