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Personal History

I grew up racing in Florida from about 12 until around 17 years old and I went to college. During that time I went to Loretta Lynn’s twice. I moved to Minnesota in 2015 and started riding again when I turned 30 years old. I am a easy going person that just loves to ride and race motocross.  You can usually find me at all the races helping others out, or along the fence cheering others on. I took 12-13 years off the bike, but when I turned 30 and started riding again, it came back rather quickly progressing from B class to A class. 

Riding Goals

In 2022 I plan on qualifying for Loretta Lynn’s in Open A Pro Sport, +25, and/or +30/Vet. 

Obtaining Pro License by qualifying for Loretta Lynn’s in Open Pro Sport and/or going to Pro-Ams  

I plan on racing Open A, +25A, and +30 Vet A all of 2022. 

Race as many Pro-Ams and Minnesota District 23 races, Iowa Moto Series Races as possible. 

Go to Mini Olympics back in Florida (my home state) in 2022. 

Competitive Highlights

Winning many Overalls in 2021 at Pro-Ams in +25A and +30 Vet A. 

Winning many Minnesota District 23 overalls in +25A and +30 Vet A. 

Winning many Iowa Moto Series overalls in +25A and +30 Vet A. 

Winning FMF Hall Of Famer Award at Pro-Am in 2022. 

Loretta Lynn’s  125 C (9th in 2003)

Lorettas Lynn’s 12-15 Schoolboy (2004)