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Personal History

I am a northern alberta racer trying to make a name for myself in the southern and northern circuits.

I love to race,ski, golf. Jet boating is also a hobbie when you live in Peace River.

The Peace River valley is the premier place to ride in all of Alberta and with many a fast guy to come

out of this place. It seems to teem with talent. My canadian sponsors include: All West Glass, Castrol

Bumper2Bumper, Champion Spark Plugs, Westward Tools, Frontline SS, Spy Optics, Bad Habit Racing,

Analog Works Yamaha,McGinnisMotoX, Maximum Powersports

Riding Goals

Future Goals


- to place top 5 in the Alberta Provincial Series Vet Junior Class - ACHIEVED 5th

- to improve on a 17th place finish overall in the PMA 250 Junior Class - ACHIEVED 13th

- to not get hurt like in 2008 - Great Success !!!

- to race as many races as possible in 2009 - 70 moto's


-to place top 3 in Alberta Provincial Series Vet Junior Class

- to place top 3 in the AX Championship

- to not get hurt like in 2008

-  to place top ten in 30+ and 250 Junior in the PMA(peace motocross association)

- place top 10 in the Southern Alberta Spring and Fall Series Vet Junior Class

Competitive Highlights

Just love bangin' bars with my buddies and the compitive spirit it brings out in us.

Runnin' consistent top tens in almost every moto I race.