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Rider Updates

Sep 14 2009

Well race fans, another year has come to a close here in the Great White North. Where do I begin? Where did the summer go? First of all I would like to thank my canadian sponsors for helping me out this year. Really could not have done it without your support. On the road every weekend since the third week of April with the exception of only a few to rest. Even then; a guy is still on a bike practicing.

Great results in the CMRC Provincial Series as consistency really is the key to getting good results. And it showed. 4th spot overall for the GP 125/250 class in the province.This was pretty much a warmup moto and a chance to work out the kinks before my Vet Junior class. No major injuries or high speed get-offs to slow me down or hold me back this year. Thanks to the man upstairs for that. Confidence was an issue early in the season with the SOAB Spring Series, but it didn't take long to get back into it and begin to get the body used to the pounding and abuse week in and week out. 2 top 20 results this spring helped me in my conditioning for the grueling provincial series and the PMA as I was pounding out 8 fifteen minute moto's a weekend at the start of the season. Once the northern circuit fired up on all cylinders again I was ready.Top fifteen in the points for the season in the North. I'm happy with that. It was a learning curve again up here since my injury last year didn't allow me to really attack the tracks. But definately an improvement on last year's results.Surprised some people this year in the age class. They combine the 25,30 and 40 year old guys and run the one class.Most of the 25 year old racers are experts. I am proud to say I held off some of these guys for a few laps but once the arm pump set in I was done. Them 2 stroke's really know how vibrate.30 years old is the PMA this year. It is the longest running sanctioned motocross association in Canada. Kinda cool. Some pretty fast guys up north

Aug 10 2009

4 days to go until the double header.