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Personal History


I started riding at the early age of 5 on a motorcycle and made the switch to atvs when I was 12, most of my riding at the time was done on the families farm and is where my confidence grew as a junior. I began racing when i was 16 and had a very succesful first year winning numerous events in several top amateur classes across the country. In my second year of racing in 2010 I had a full factory sponsorship deal from polaris but I left them at the end of this years season.

Riding/Training schedule

Atv mx racing is my main focus in life and as i've had a succesful 2 years of racing as an amateur I have made the decision to move into the pro ranks as of next years race season. So my training program has been revised and is much more full on. I am now doing cardio and strength training 3 days a week after I finish work each day as an apprentice car technician at lexus and then riding 3 days a week also. With my new training program I will be fitter, stronger and faster then ever. Therefore I will be more confident and when I ride up to the line on race day.

What insprires me to ride

My life has always been based around competition. Whether it was playing in my local soccer team when i was little or riding up to the line with some of the fastest atv riders in the country. I've always had the same goal. To give it my all. My attitude towards whatever I do has always been the same and I believe that has played a big role in my life and has helped me get to where I am in riding at this level and I owe it all to my parents.

Events for 2011

- Tri state ATV MX series(3 rounds)

- Queensland state MX titles

- Thundercross MX series(4 rounds)

- Gold coast MX club series(15 rounds)

- Victorian state MX titles

- Australian ATV MX Nationals

Riding Goals

I will be stepping up to the pro class for 2011, my goals are to finish top 3 in all of the interstate races and to win state titles aswel as a few smaller races and local club races to gain more experience and give my sponsors extra exposure. The biggest and most prestiguos event in australia is the austalian atv mx nationals, my goal for this event is a top 5 finish.