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Personal History

Ryder meadows #921 Ryder was born and raised in Asheville NC. Having a rough start at birth, he was born 13 weeks early making him 27 weeks premature weighing only 2lb. Ryder had a long extended 3 month stay in the neonatal unit at mission hospital; miraculously he overcame every obstacle thrown his way. He had follow up therapy for the first two years of his life being told constantly by the medical professionals that he would struggle with some kind of impairment from this traumatic event. Being the fighter that Ryder is, he came out of his rough start in life with no disabilities, setbacks or life term issues that the doctors early on said he would most likely suffer from. The doctors said he was simply a miracle. Instead Ryder came out of his obstacle with a gift and love for motocross. I’m pretty sure his first word was “braaaaap”. Ryder has been playing with dirt bikes and making dirt bike sounds as early as 6 months old. On his first birthday he received his first pw 50cc dirt bike with training wheels. He would sit on it for hours if we let him. At two years old Ryder was able to ride that dirt bike. At three years, we removed the training wheels and sure enough the boy was a natural. Not only has his passion for dirt bikes, dirt and a love for anything with wheels shined through at three years old around that time we realized Ryder was gifted and that we knew God had Big plans for him way beyond what we could comprehend he was speaking and playing beyond his years he was riding bicycles and doing things most three year olds just couldn’t do. At 4 he trained to race on the families small mx practice track. At 5 Ryder started his first season as a competitor in Victory Sports Motocross Series located in Asheville NC, and blew us all out of the water. Now at 6, Ryders 2nd year in motocross he has been a force to be reckoned with! With his love and determination on and off the track he has been in the top 2 of his division in points all 2019-2020 season. As his passion for motocross grows, so does his fans.

Riding Goals

Make it to lorretta lynns ranch this year for the motocross nationals. Obtain more sponsorships to help with my dream of going pro. Train to become faster, stronger and all around better at mx. Oh yeah, and jump the finish line double.

Competitive Highlights

Recognized as a tough competitor in my class divisions and being in the top 2 in points in both classes. I have the best support and trainers backing me 100% which allows me to have that cutting edge on my competition.