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Rider Updates

Jan 24 2022

I won the Championship for WHR MOTORSPORTS NORTHWEST FLAT TRACK NATIONALS 2022 50 advanced and Youth Mini TT Class!!

Dec 14 2021

Been dominating at WHR Arenacross and Flat track Nationals!! I am racing this weekend again for round 4!

Nov 29 2021

I raced round 2 WHR NORTHWRST ARENACROSS AND FLAT TRACK NATIONALS. Placed 8th in 50 open and 2nd in 50 Jr. FLAT track I got 1st and 1st in the TT!

Nov 15 2021

I raced WHR Northwest Arenacross and Flat track in the barn this weekend! Raced for the first time in 50 Jr and placed 7th. Raced 50 open placed 6th, and then flat track Sunday placed 1st for 50 advanced! Great weekend. If this website ever gets it's website fixed I will post pictures and videos. I haven't been able to post for MONTHS!! It's a bummer.

Nov 8 2021

I got my bike back! It's all rebuilt. I can't wait for Arenacross this weekend!! I will be racing in 50 Jr and 50 Open.

Oct 27 2021

Well, we took my bike to my coach/mechanic and he pulled the motor to start rebuilding. Unfortunately, in the process he noticed my front motor mounts were broke. Time to take it to my dad's friend who is a welder. Thankfully we found out about it before arenacross starts on November 13th in Monroe, WA. It's almost go time!!

Oct 17 2021

My dad just ordered all parts to rebuild my bike and get it ready for arenacross! That starts November 13th, I am so excited!

Oct 13 2021

I had a blast at Mini Warriors! I took home some hardware. I had goals of top 10 and made it happen once. I placed 9th, 11th and 13th. I raced in a 7-8 and 50 class. Man, was there some fast kids there! I tried my hardest, crashed almost every moto, but held on. I even managed to superman off my bike at the gate and held on till the first corner. I've never done that before! I love starts. Lol I took part in 4 whole shot challenges and would have been first if it ended after the corner, but we had to go a bit further for it to count. My old bike couldn't hold to the brand new Cobra FWEs. It was fun otherwise. Now time to prep for Arenacross.

Sep 26 2021

I am racing Mini Warriors this weekend at Horn Rapids. This will be the first race I won't be racing in a beginner class. I will race 7-8 in the 50 class and 50 open. I just got a new 2019 KTM 65, that I started ripping around on. I still have all next year on my 50, so learning early will benefit me later. This website has not been working for me, so I can't upload any pics or videos.

Sep 7 2021

I won 1st place for 50 beginner at Pacific Racing Organization's Top Gun 2021! I was Racing with kids from all over the west coast. Got to meet some riders I look up to and made some new friends. I ended with 15th OA for 50 open. This has been such a fun weekend. My brother raced in the Pee Wee class and got 6th OA! We both had 41-45 kids on the gate for each class. I can't wait for next year! Now, if only this website would get fixed, I can upload videos and pictures. I have been trying to upload pictures and I'm unable to.

Sep 6 2021

I'm on day 3 of Pacific Racing Organization's Northwest Top Gun event. I won 1st for 50 beginner both days and got the holeshots. 50 open first day I was running top 8, crashed and came back with 16th. Second day I got 14th in the open. Todaybis day 3! I'll update tomorrow!! I'm going home with the first place trophy for 50 beginner!

Aug 13 2021

I've been on a little break from riding. Last week I fractured my wrist. I've been icing and trying to heal it as fast as possible. I have a bmx competition tomorrow and dirtbike camp next week. Gotta make sure I'm ready to race for Top Gun next month!

Jul 30 2021

Well, I raced Thursday night motocross at Hannegan Speedway lastnight. I was hoping for a top 3-5 in the open but got screwed on the gate. For whatever reason the Speedway puts all 50s with the 65s. Terrible idea, but it is what it is. So the 65s went out first gate drop, well one kid got stuck on the gate, 3 parents are yelling to wait waving their hands, but guess what? The flaggers up there don't pay attention to anything, and the flagger signaled for the next gate drop. Which was only about 15 seconds after the 65s but guess what? The kid was still stuck, so they dropped the gate and I was stuck behind the 65 who was stuck in the gate. The announcer could have said something, but they just turn their heads. I got a terrible start as well as the others next to me. They didn't do anything about, no one seems to care because they are all vollenteers. If I wasn't so passionate about racing, I wouldn't keep going back to this place, as there is always someone/something that goes wrong. But because I love this sport, I suck it up and deal with it.

Jul 22 2021

Did my first no footer off a freestyle ramp today! I was scared at first, but then it was super fun! I'm racing next Thursday!

Jul 16 2021

I took 7th and 6th in the 7-8 50 class and 50 open. My parents moved me up to these classes instead of beginner to have more challenge. So far, my goal has been to get top 7 and I have managed to get that for this series. I jumped half in a race series for Thursday night Mx. Last night was my 3rd time in that series.

Jul 14 2021

I'm racing Thursday night motocross tomorrow. I will update this weekend. Wish me luck!

Jul 8 2021

I raced Thursday night motocross at Hannegan Speedway tonight. I took 3rd in the 50cc 7-8 and 2nd in the 50 open!

Jun 29 2021

I am the Champion for the 50 beginner class with Pacific Racing Organization's Northwest MX Series!! I went 1-1 on Saturday and 1-2 on Sunday. Secured my spot for 1st overall fornthe Series!

Jun 22 2021

My family and I are heading to Clarkia Idaho for the final rounds of P.R.O NWMX Series. Breaking down the points I am the current leader for 1st place. I have to win this weekend to stay ahead! Wish me luck! Will update next week, as I will out of service for the weekend.

Jun 12 2021

I raced Thursday night motocross at Hannegan Speedway a couple nights ago for the first time. It was a fun track! I raced the 50 open class. I wheelied at the gate and went down. I had a hard time picking my bike up, took me 21 seconds to get back up! (Thanks to my mom recording) Out of 15 kids and a 21 second delay at the start, I came back and got 7th. I look forward to racing up there again after my NWMX race series is over. I have 2 more rounds until that's over. I race in Idaho next.

Jun 8 2021

I raced this past weekend at Washougal MX. Unfortunately it was a mud pit. I had some bad finishes after crashing a couple times in the 50 beginner. I had a goal of top 13 in the 50 open and I finished 8th, so that was a great finish to a crummy weekend. My little brother also broke his arm racing this weekend.

May 25 2021

I am 5 days post surgery for a ruptured appendix. It was the most painful thing I've ever experienced! I am resting alot in hopes that I will be able to race in Washougal, Washington for rounds 9&10 of the Pacific Racing Organizations NWMX series. I am tied for 1st right now for overall points in the series. I would really hate to miss races and not be able to fight for a podium position for the series. Wish me luck!

May 24 2021

That stomach bug I thought I had, I ended up getting admitted to the ER for a ruptured appendix. I had to get emergency surgery. I am now home recovering.

May 17 2021

UPDATE: I came down with a stomach bug, so I am unable to race tonight.

May 11 2021

EDIT: The track is allowing practice on Friday,, so we are heading out today to practice and get to know the track before Saturday. All the tracks I have gone to so far in my MX Series have not allowed us to practice on Friday.. We just get the couple laps the day before, so I am pretty pumped. This obviously will help me alot for Saturday and Sunday. I am racing both my dirtbikes this weekend! For the first time, I will race my Cobra50 SR. In the open 50 class. I am racing my Cobra50 P3 in the beginner class. Depending on how I feel on my SR, I may just race it the whole weekend. We will see. I will update next week with my final results!

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