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Personal History

I am 7 years old and I live in Poolville, Texas. I am a 1st grade student at Austin Elementary School. I train with The Fast Line.

Riding Goals

Gain sponsorship to allow me to continue to grow in the motocross sport. Make a statement at all the races and nationals that I attend for my sponsors and myself.

Competitive Highlights

2022 Accomplishments:
Spring A Ding Ding 2022
51cc 4-6 Shaft  17th
Mini E Bike   29th
Loretta Lynn’s Area Qualifier
51cc 4-6 Shaft   7th
Mini E Bike  5th
Loretta Lynn’s Regional
51cc 4-6 Shaft  13th
Mini E Bike  30th
Texas AMA State Championship Series D41
51cc Limited AC 4-8 3rd
Mini E Bike  4-6   4th
Cross Town Series 2022
RD 1 51cc Limited 4-6 1st     Mini E Bike  5th
RD 3 51cc Limited 4-6 2nd    Mini E Bike  3rd
RD 4 51cc Limited 4-6 4th     Mini E Bike  2nd
RD 5 51cc Limited 4-6 1st      Mini E Bike  4th
RD 6 51cc Limited 4-6 2nd     Mini E Bike  4th
RD 7 51cc Limited 4-6 8th      Mini E Bike  3rd         
2022 AMA Texas Winter Series
RD 1 50cc Limited AC 4-8   10th   51cc Jr.  4-6   21th
RD 3 50cc Limited AC 4-8   10th    51cc Jr. 4-6   15th
RD 4 50cc Limited AC 4-8   7th      51cc Jr. 4-6   14th
2022 Mini X Cross
RD1 50cc 4-6   7th      50cc AC 1st
RD2 50cc 4-6   12th    50cc AC 2nd
RD 3 50cc 4-6   6th     50cc AC 1st   PW 50 Challenge  2nd


2021 Accomplishments:
45th Annual Answer Racing GNC
51cc Limited AC Shaft   5th    51cc 4-6 Special  5th
AMA Tony Miller Memorial Race
50cc Limited AC 4-8 5th 
51cc JR 4-6    13th
Moto Playground
51cc 4-6 Shaft  23rd
21st Annual Turkey Bowl Race
51cc Limited AC 4-6   4th
FMF Texas Winter Series RD 2
50cc Limited AC 4-8   6th 51cc Special Limited 4-8 9th
FMF Texas Night Series RD 2
50cc Limited AC 4-8 1st      51cc Limited 4-8  6th   Mini E Bike 4th