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Personal History

About me , I am 17 years of age and currently in my senior year of High School . I have been riding dirt bikes since I was about 3 years old . My family spends most of the year in the local deserts in southern California riding and enjoying family and friends . I am riding a 2008 CRF 250 R  right now but am planning on getting a new bike with in the next few months . My family is very involved in the sport and go's to every race that I have entered . My dad is my mechanic , coach ,cook and my mentor .  This is my first season of racing and am loving every minute of it . As you can see by my results I have jumped right into the mix and am moving forward pretty quickly .

Riding Goals

My goals at this point are to race as much as I can and do the  best that I can. I am currently running in the Trans World Fall Classic my goal is to finish in the top five in points for this series .I will also be running the Tripple Crown series that is coming up . I think the 2016 season is going to be great for me since I will have a bit more experience on the track and look forward to being on the podium at every race . 

Competitive Highlights

As for my highlights , I will let my results speak for themselves sort of speak . In May of 2015 was my very first race , I think I have been consistant  in the races that I have been in and have been getting better at every race . In 2015 I have won  two motos and I think that would be my highlight at this point . I am working towards the overall win for this season and will keep working hard until I get there .  I look forward to competing in the full 2016 season , to see how well I can do .