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Personal History

well lets say im just me, i got an urge to buy a bike in febuary and didnt even think of racing, it was more of just to go ride anywhere and everywhere....... ran into my current team mate and its been on since, thanks jon... but yeah he and others saw potential in my riding and they have been coaching me through my rookie season, mind you i have only been on a bike since feb. and never touched one before that, im doing pretty well besides me and jon with noj racing, "our dream team we would love to get off the ground" have been plauged with catastrophic engine failure all season, yeah we make races but it cost so much to get the bikes ready in time. im in beginer class at the yankton area scramblers mx club track and holding 2nd for season points..... not sure if i want to skip the madness next year and go straight to b class or not either way im ready to get out and ride, all day everyday!

Riding Goals

get a win and take home the season

Competitive Highlights

middle pack runner, but havent had a "race worthy bike"