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Rider Updates

Aug 17 2009

bike is now running, and running hard!!!!!!! and now i am officaly first in points with a big lead, im sitting with 164 for 4 races and the next one thats on my tail is sitting at 138 and 137!!!!! if they get 2 firsts, all i need to do is get a 6th and a 5th and ill still get it, mind you the lowest ive placed was a 7th

Aug 8 2009


Aug 8 2009

i didnt do to bad, ran 2nd first moto 1/2 lap in got a red flag, we lined up and started over ran 3rd till i sliped out on a realy dry corner, got 5th! 2nd moto i was pinned to win, held 2nd all race while side by side with a 450, finished 2nd, race results was 3rd over all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 3 2009