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Personal History

I never grew up riding, well I guess our family had a little Honda 50 but I didn't ride it that much. Than my older brother got a 125 when he was 14 and it looked like a lot of fun. He taught his friend how to ride and they started to race when he was 15. I went to one of his races and saw the girls race and never really thought much about it. I decided to get a CRF100 when I was 14 just so I could ride with my brothers but it burned in our shop a month later so I never got to ride it that much. The next summer I decided to get a CRF230 and didn't ride it that much the first year. That winter I started watching motocross movies and decided I wanted to start racing. The next summer I rode my 230 a lot and loved it. That's also when I started jumping and it was fun but I would bottom out everywhere because that bike isn't meant for jumping but I didn't care. That winter I kept researching motocross and found out all the rules and how much it would cost. I saved up enough money so in February I bought a brand new 2011 RMZ 250. At first I didn't really like it because it had a lot of power, but once I rode it for a while I loved it! It had way more power than my 230 and it was way better accelerating out of the corners. I practiced really hard trying to get better and signed up for my license in May. My first race was in June but got cancelled because of rain but the practice was soooo much fun! I love riding and I'm so glad I'm a part of it. Part of the reason I started racing was to show my brothers I didn't suck and that I could do it! Whenever I rode they told me I sucked and I just had to prove them wrong. So far I think I'm showing them that I don't suck and that I can ride, just as good as them :)

Riding Goals

My riding goals for this year is to get a lot more seat time then last year and to keep learning and growing to become a faster rider.

Competitive Highlights

   At my first practice day I was quite nervous but once I got the first practice over with I was loving it and couldn't wait for the next practice. The second practice was awesome and I really enjoyed the track and had a good flow going. Once I finished I was talking to another girl rider that I just meet and she asked me what class I was in and I said "Ladies B" and she was really surprised. She was in Ladies A and said that I was a way better rider than she was and that I should be in Ladies A also. It definatley boosted my confidence because it was my first race and I thought I sucked, but apparently I should have been in a class higher. Sadly the next day, which was race day, it rained and I didn't get to race after all but it was still a fun time.

   After this my next race was at Calgary and I was racing MX3 Begginner which is mostly guys and only about 2 girls. I raced this class because there wasn't a Ladies B class. I got 15 out of 24 which I thought was really awesome because my brothers always told me I sucked and here I was racing with the guys and I beat some!

   I than went to Castrol Raceway on June 23 and got 19/30 which was sweet.

   Than came the Western Canadian Amateur Nationals which I was looking forward to.There was 3 races in 3 days and I knew I had a shot at winning if everything went well. My first moto didn't go so well tho, at the starting gate I let out my clutch to quick when the gate dropped and than my bike stalled which took about 45 sec to get going again and I knew I had a lot of ground to make up. I managed to catch one girl and got 6/7 which I wasn't happy with but it's part of racing. Then next moto I got a better start and ended up 4/6. The last moto was the best and the worst. I was leading for 2 laps and than I fell in a corner which I was super bumbed about but got right back up and ended up 4/6 again for 4th overall. That was a great week-end I will never forget.

   My most recent race was at Calgary and it was my greatest race this year. I got both the hole shots and both the moto wins for 1st overall which I was stoked about. The other girls weren't even close to me either. The first race I was 11 seconds ahead and the second race I was 20 seconds ahead which felt amazing.

In Drumheller this past week-end it was a long week-end so they had a race on Sunday and Monday. On Sunday I got both the hole shots and was leading by 44 seconds. It was also a split start with Ladies A, so they went 30 seconds ahead of us and I managed to catch up to 3 of them. I was amazed and really excited beacuse now I know I will be able to do Ladies A next year if I can catch up to 3 of them and start 30 sec after them! I got 1st both motos, so I got 1st overall which I was stoked about. On Monday I got the hole shots again but in the second moto, I stalled my bike in the corner and while I was trying to get it going second passed me. It felt like time stopped and my bike was fighting with me. When I finally did get it started I knew I had a lot of ground to make up. But I twisted that throttle and 3/4 of a lap later, I had caught second and was in first again. I ended up with both the moto wins again, so that was another sucessful week-end.