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Personal History

I just started racing the Forward Motion Hare Scramble Championship series here in the Kansas City area. With a mid-season start, I was able to get in 6 races for my first season and gained a lot of good experience, not to mention this new addiction I have for hare scramble racing. I have always had a love for riding but until last year never entered a competition of any kind, the competitive aspect brings riding to a whole new level. This year I am planning on riding all the races in the Forward Motion series.
 During the week I work full time installing experimental avionics packages and autopilot systems in aircraft. Working in a Research and Development environment is really exciting and we are on the cutting edge of new aviation technologies.

Riding Goals

I did fairly well for my first year racing and am planning to step it up a bit this year. The trailrider class was a good class to start in but not a place I want to stay. This year I have entered the Sportsman class, the faster riders in this class should help me to improve my overall speed on the courses and gain some additional skills in the woods. My overall goal for the year is to end up with a top 10 overall finish in my class.

I currently maintain a small private track at my house, which allows me to ride pretty much anytime I want. One of my additional goals this year is to setup a better training schedule, and utilize my home track to built better speed and endurance.


Competitive Highlights

My first highlight would have to be entering the hare scramble race in Drexel, MO. This was my first race ever; my goals for the race were simple, start, race for 2 hours, and finish. I didn't walk away with any trophies, but I did achieve the goals I had set. That accomplishment pushed me to ride a little harder during the next race at Merwin, MO, where I ended up finishing 6th and getting my first trophy. Yeah it may be a small 6th place trophy, but it was my first and I will always be proud of it!