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Personal History

I'm 14 and currently riding a Yamaha 125cc. I have raced a Ktm 65cc, Cobra 50cc (65 kit), and a Ktm senior 50. I race all around Clark County at tracks like Washougal, Woodland, and Stradaline. I also ride at Thursday Night MX at PIR and Mtn. View MX in Woodland. I have been close to winning a championship at PIR on a Cobra 50 and Ktm 65. I wasnt very successful on a 85 but now that im on a 125 im flying.

Riding Goals

  1. become a professional in motocross and supercross
  2. get a ride with some big company
  3. win a Loretta Lynn's title
  4. get in insane shape
  5. do what ryan villopoto did

Competitive Highlights

  1. 2nd on a Cobra 50 at the Washougal team shootout
  2. 4th in a PIR 65 junior championship
  3. 3rd on a KTM 50 at the Washougal team shootout
  4. 3rd in my first ever supermini race
  5. 8th in my first 250 race