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Personal History

Seth Crotts can be described in two words……Mr. Personality. He is outgoing, kind, and never meets a stranger. Every track he goes to he wants to meet everyone. He has a great attitude win or lose and always wishes the rider on the starting line good luck. After each race he congratulates all the riders on a job well done. As a rider he is consistent and tough. He has had some pretty hard crashes but always gets back on the bike to finish the race. Every morning when he wakes up his first question is “Am I going to ride my dirt bike today.” He loves riding and racing.

Riding Goals

Win a National Title at Loretta Lynn’s

Competitive Highlights

Daniels Ridge spring/summer 2015 Oil injected class 1st place chapionship finish

Daniels Ridge spring/summer 2015 50 4 - 6 class1st place  chapionship finsh

Daniels Ridge spring/summer 2015 50 Open class 2nd place chapionship finish. Missed 1st by 3 points.