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Personal History

I am 16 years old and live in northwest Iowa. I started racing 4 years ago on a tt-r 125L. I did one race on that bike and bought a Kx 85. I raced that the whole next year. The next year I continued to race my 85 and I also bought a Kx125 in august. My 2nd race on my 125 I broke my wrist (riding my 85) so I only got a few races in that year on the 125. I raced arenacross that winter on it also. The next spring I bought another 125 and planned on modding it out and running 2 125's, I raced that one time and decided I would just get a 250F instead. I raced my CRF250R the full 07' making major improvements. I also raced that in Arenacross. This past summer I bought a Kx250F and raced that all year. In the series we went to I won the C Lites class and was 2nd in Youth so I am very happy with my past year.

Riding Goals

My plan for next year is to move to the Lites B class and continue racing Youth. We will not be doing the local series in 09', instead we are going to go to some bigger races with faster kids. My main goal for 09' is to B a consistent top B rider wherever I go. I have alot more confidence after this year and am really pushing to reach my 09' goals. I also relize to reach your goal you need to not only have good form, but you also need to have the confidence and be in good physical conditon. I have more confidence for this year than ever, we are biulding an all new mx track (used to have a sx track), and am going to the gym 5 days a week.

Competitive Highlights

- 1st place Lites C for Midwest Point Series

- 2nd place Youth for Midwest Point Series

-11th in Lites C Stk my first time at Millville and 1st LL Qualifier.