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Personal History

My name is seth mullins and i grew up riding with my dad and brother since I was 3. I started racing when I was about 13 , started out racing hare scrambles and i won 3 championships at eagle creek hare scramble park, In about 2001 I got my first sponsored ride and I raced the motocross series at Daniel boone mtocross park and dominated for 3 years in 250b and unlimited am. and was a consistant top 5 in the victory sports mega series.I raced about twiced month with my brother and my father as mechanic and in 2005 I lost my father to a crash he had on his way home from work  and after that I had a hard time and ended up getting hurt in 2007 and I retired...But now I got me another bike last year and started riding again and plan on getting back into racing this year..

Riding Goals

This year my goals are to just to get back on the gate and see where I stand with the racers that are out there today. Then if I do pretty good this year on 30 + then move up to the pro class and make enough money to get me a knew bike..

Competitive Highlights

Eagle Creek Hare Scramble park

light B champion 1999 and heavy B champion 2000


Daniel Boone Motocross Park         

125c champion, unlimitedc/d champion, 250B champion the next year and unlimited am. runner up