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Personal History

i started racing in 2008 on a cobra 50 and now i race a yz 125. ive progressed so much over the years and im getting faster and faster each weekend.  This year i tried to qualify for Loretta Lynns. i made it in my area qualifier at winchester speed park.Then i packed up and headed down to Birch creek mx my riding abilitys were tested here. due to a crash in one of my motos, my chances of making it to the ranch were erased. i look back on that race and now im training harder and harder and tring to increase my speed and get my name reconized in the higher ranks. i could use any support i can get, thank you so much. 

                                                     -Seth nicolo

Riding Goals

one of my biggest goals in motocross is progress and excel each and every time i get on my bike. I have hopes to soon become a youth a rider and get people to notice my abilities. i also want companys to see all my potential.

Competitive Highlights

2nd place at the area qualifier at winchester speed park

multiple wins in the 250 b and youth b classes with nesc

and 2 supermini championships

these are all achievements to me because im at a disadvantage being on a 125 instead of a 250 like everyone else in the class