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Personal History

I have lived in Beaumont, Ca my whole 12 years of life with my parents and five siblings. I have played sports in the past such like Soccer and Baseball and spent my free time riding in the hills by my house. My family goes camping in Glamis and Ocotillo and that is how i started riding. My days now are all about riding my dirt bike and when I am not riding, I am either on my BMX bike or hanging out with my brothers. I also enjoy riding my Peloton bike at home and training on my dirtbike two to three times a week at the different tracks by my house. When I am not riding, I am asking to go ride, its pretty much all I think about...besides my faith in God. I recently got a 2021 tc 85 and qualified for mammoth in mini sr1 and 2 and 10-12 and went 1-1 2-2 in SoCal mx series I’ve been riding a lot on this bike and am training with Kyle Lewis now

Riding Goals

I challenge myself weekly to hit new jumps and go faster. My dream is to one day race in Supercross and until then I just want to keep getting better and learning more about the sport. 

Competitive Highlights

Starting with my 2007 Kawasaki, I really had to work hard and challenge myself to keep up with newer bikes and I was able, after a few races to get podiums which was awesome. Starting out this last month on my new bike has given me more opportunities to get faster and for my first race on this bike i was able to come in 5th and 9th out of over twenty kids, so i am training hard to have a even better second race next weekend. I qualified for mammoth in mini sr 1 and 2 and 10-12 and went 1-1 2-2 in SoCal mx series on my tc 85