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Personal History

My name is Nicole Coffee and I am Shae Coffee's mother. We are a riding family, always have been, always will be. All of my kids have been riding since they were 2, but Shae is extraordinary. We have been told by many pro riders that he has natural raw talent that you can't teach. He loves riding. The first thing he does when he gets home from school is hit the little track in our backyard. This was his first year racing and he did amazing, finishing second overall for the season in district 6. He was in first but lost points because we missed a lot of races over the summer. On June 16, 2017, my husband suffered from a Sudden Cardiac Arrest while riding his dirtbike at a track in PA. He was gone for over 10 minutes. While EMT's worked hard on bringing him back, my children saw the whole thing. Amazingly, my husband is a fighter and pulled through with less than 5% chance of survival. He underwent several surgeries over the summer. Between his recovery and the fact that we are self employed, we were hit hard financially and unable to make it to several races. But as soon as we could we got Shae back out on the track. He went from 5th to 2nd in just 2 races. Shae is a fun loving kid who is very competitive in everything he does. I wouldn't say he is a sore loser but losing is not an option for him. He always puts 100% in everything that he does. He doesn't like bullies and always sticks up for the underdog. He is an amazing 6 year old full of life and passion to ride. Just a very well deserving kid. Our family has been though so much this year, hoping and praying next year is better. Please consider sponsoring Shae. It would mean the world to both him and us.

Riding Goals

Shae loves riding. He is highly competitive and loves to race. He started on a quad when he was 2 years old. My husband always wanted to get my kids on bikes and I finally caved last Christmas and we got them their first dirt bikes. Shae is on a Cobra CX50 jr. He will ride this for next race season as he just turned 6 years old and 4-6 class can not have more than a 10 inch front tire per AMA guidelines. Over the next year we will be transitioning him to the regular size 50 which he will race for two years in the 7-8 class and 4-8 open. We will be training for Loretta Lynn's and he will be attending the area qualifiers and with any luck, the regionals. Competition is hard, but it's in his nature.

Competitive Highlights

This was Shae's first year of racing and he past all of our expectations. He started on a PW50, two weeks later he was on a KTM 50 and a month after that he was on the Cobra CX50 jr. He is a very motivated child and seems to be good at everything he tries. I can't say that I don't worry when my kids race, after all I am a mom, but I worry less when Shae is on the track. I have so much faith and trust in him. He knows his limitations and he listens to himself. My husband will keep telling him to clear a table top and he won't do it until he feels comfortable. He knows when he is ready. And when he clears it, he doesn't stop doing it until the sun goes down. He rides with such finesse, always throttling out of things that I think are impossible. He outrides my 12 year old. He never gives up, always a great sport. With the right training and support I believe he has what it takes to be a pro! Please consider him for a sponsorship.