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Personal History

Well where do i start, My name is Shane Andrew and i've been riding motorbikes since i was 3 years of age, i received my first bike which was a 'Honda QA50' when i was 3 years old, and i've been riding ever since, my dad always loved taking me riding with or without my brother, my dads been riding since he was as well so you can see where the motorbikes come from, my brother is like my dad in a few ways but more forceful, my dad tells me to ride safe and at my comfort level, while my brother pushes me into environments that i haven't ridden or challenges which i haven't faced, which is a good mix if you ask me, a nice little calm ride then a pressured ride then a calm again.

Throughout my life i've gone through many motorbikes, it started out with a QA50 then i moved on to the bigger bikes like the Coyote 90, DS80, DT175, XR250 and now i'm on my Kx250, yes..all of them bikes were old when i was riding them, but i never cared because i loved riding so much that I didn't care what bike it was on, it just had to be able to move me and i was excited, I've always wanted to have a picture of me in a motorbike magazine while i was ripping up a berm, and then i found this website, i know it's not going to give me a full big time sponsor ship, but i'd like to get something small, i;d like to send my riding photos to someone who can put them to good use, like in a magazine or at expo's or to just amuse kids. 

Well that's all i'm able to say for now, i'll try and put some more information down if it's important, but other that that....

Thanks For Reading :-)

Riding Goals

Well, I'd like to keep riding till i'm old and grey, i'd like to teach my kids how to ride and not to be scared.

and of course like all other riders, i'd like to get a little sponsor ship deal to fill in my spare time and make my life towards motorbikes more interesting.

One of my biggest goals for motorbikes is to meet and ride with the Nitro Circus crew and Metal Mulisha crew.


Competitive Highlights

I've never competed, i'm just more into the line of taking and sending photos to clubs or sponsors that would like to use them in a good way.