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Rider Updates

Sep 22 2008

Sep 22 2008

This year I will be going to The Dodge Amature National, at Hangtown in California. I'm heading down on the 26th and going to race in the girls 14 under minie bike class. I've been practicing alot lately and have seen quite an improvement this past summer. I am hoping to get in the top 15  there, I'm looking forward to it because it's the last year i can race this class!

After This race, I will only be riding my 250 in the womens intemediate class.

Sep 22 2008

I didn't do so well at the area qualifier for LL (the second one).I crashed a couple times but finished each moto. It was tough on the 150 against 250's and 450's, but i was doing well untill i ran into some bad luck.

May 3 2008

Yesterday I qualified to go to the regional down at the Honey Lake MX park. So I will be racing agianst my fastest competition on the west coast, and if i place in the top 4 I qualify to go to Lorretta Lynn's in Tenesee this summer. I went to Lorretta Lynn's last year to watch my dad, it looked like fun so I am going to try to qualify this year, so far it's been looking good for me.

Apr 12 2008

Last winter I raced the Clark County Indoor series, and I won. Thursday Night MX at PIR has started up again, and some of the other tracks like Washougal and Albany are running. I hope to contineu racing as sucsessfully as I have been. One of my goals is to finish in top 5 for every race, and try to make it to every race of the series, so I will have a good overall finish.

I will continue to have updates on my MXSPONSOR account, sorry I haven't been updating on here much.