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Personal History

When I was young I would ride dirt bikes with my brother and his friends. We would ride in the mountains of Pennsylvania and a motocross track in Flemington, NJ.  When I was 12 I went to a race in Englishtown, NJ where I me and watched Hurricane Hannah race.  This began my love of motocross.  Growing up we didn't have the money or opportunity to race, I soon had to give up my dirt bike and decide what I wanted to do in life.  I went to Community College, received my associates degree in commercial art and then joined the U.S. Marine Corps.  I made a career out of the Marine Corps serving as a Marine and a Combat Cameraman doing graphic design, photography and video. In 1994 I married my husband who was also a Marine.  After a deployment to Africa in 2007 and some bonus money, I decided to buy a motocross bike which I hadn't thrown a leg over in 18 years. Riding once again became an obsession until a bad crash that summer that ended with a life flight to the trauma center.  The doctors told me I would never be able to bend my right wrist again or run let alone ride a dirt bike.  I told my husband I was not giving up my bike, he never said no but stood beside me and helped me recover to finish my 20 years in the Marine Corps to retire. I recovered over 50 percent of my wrist movement and I can also run again.  I was now determined to do something I had never done before and that was to race.  In 2012 we began racing the SMX (Southern Motocross) Series where we found new friends and a family friendly atmosphere that promoted competition and good sportsmanship.  My husband and I are now retired Marines live in Richlands, NC with our cats, dogs and horses where we race on the weekends and work during the week.  I have finished my Bachelors degree in multimedia and photography and have a new career as a graphic designer.

Riding Goals

My racing goals are not to become a superstar or a pro racer, I know I am 45 years old and a female.  My goals are to continue to race local races, a few district races, and maybe a regional qualifier.  Being under 5 foot tall, makes it hard to race a larger bike than my 150RB, but next year I plan to move up to a 250 and see how I do.  Currently I race against women on 250's and do fairly well. Our Coastal Carolina Motocross (CCMX) series will start in March and I will be racing this series to start.  The Southeastern qualifier will be at South of the Boarder on March 15 & 16th.  As always I help out our series to promote local racing by designing their logo, flyers, and shooting photos (all free) when I'm not on the track racing. A healthy positive atmosphere promotes good competition and I like to give back to my family.  I will also be attending the Milsaps Training Facility in Cairo, GA in April 2014.

Competitive Highlights

2012 SMX (Southern Motocross) Series (tied) first place points overall

2012 SMX Series Womens MX 1st place overall

2013 CCMX (Coastal Carolina Motocross) Series 2nd place overall

2013 CCMX Series Womens MX 1st place overall