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Personal History

Hi. My name is Shawn Eskins, and I ride freestyle motocross. I come from an action sports family where i grew up racing motocross until about the age of 17. I have a motocross track, and a freestyle park in my backyard. I have a lot of friends that I ride with and i honestly just love riding my dirtbike. Freestyle is where my heart is, and I have the dream of riding pro fmx. I'm very easily amused...and basically I just like having fun.

Riding Goals

My upcoming goals for the '09 season is to just progress and become a better rider while trying to make my name in freestyle motocross. I'm gonna be building a foam pit in my backyard to learn bigger tricks. Also, I plan on doing some natural terrain riding in order to build up my skills on a dirtbike. I mainly just plan on staying healthy, entering some contests, and riding my dirtbike.

Competitive Highlights

My racing career is the only competitive highlights I have as of now. I never stole the show during motocross races, I was fast but I usually ended up crashing out. I'm looking for hightlights coming from freestyle though in hopes of making it my career.