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Personal History

I started riding around 10 years ago in order to save money commuting to school and back. I quickly found myself on a racetrack doing track days. Due to the high costs of running sport bike on the track I started taking up dirt riding. At first it was casual, but before I knew it I found myself on the MX track. Shortly after that I found some 17" wheels for the dirt bike, and started going to kart tracks and road courses on the dirt bike. I have rode just about every type of track, bike, etc out there. Its what I do and I wouldn't change a thing.

Riding Goals

My number one goal has always been to have fun, and to do that I have a constant desire to be challenged. People ask what kind of rider I am (MX, Supermoto, Woods, etc), but it is impossible for me to answer because you may see me at the MX practice Tuesday night and the road course on a Supermoto Saturday.

One of my long time goals has always been to race the Baja 1000 and the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. For 2016 I am focusing my efforts on the PPIHC, and have already started making plans/ preparation in order to make this goal a reality. I recently obtained my CMRA license to qualify me for the race, switched to a fuel injected bike due to the altitude, and started applying for sponsorships to help with the costs of the race.

I plan to train in the offseason on MX and Mountain Bike. Once spring rolls around I plan on using OSB supermoto, and CMRA races to help better prepare me for PPIHC.

Competitive Highlights

2014 AHSCS State class champion

5th place OSB 2013

5th place OSB 2014

CMRA Provisional Novice License