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Personal History

"Four wheels move your body, but two wheels move your SOUL"

Driving a vehicle may provide you security, but riding a dirt-bike will provide you the actual excitement. A bicycle effect is something which can not be given by LaFerrari. There are various kinds of bicycle rides, dependent on your own style you'll be able to decide to.

After this don't go jump. Regrettably riding a bicycle needs more care than on a vehicle, as your eyes, feet, hands, palms, stomach, back everything must be in sync to the rhythm of your engine

Riding Goals

Ride Till I Die!

We see a great deal of girls (and a few guys), sometimes as frequently as on a daily basis, that have problems with ingrown hairs and trying to get rid of ingrown hairs in any way possible. This could occur often however, it might be a constant source of annoyance and aggravation. Most commonly a small red bulge occurs which subsides on its own; others it may mean intense pain and distress as these ingrown hairs may grow larger and larger in size and at times become quite serious and require medical care if not treated straight away.

When you wax or shave, your hair instantly starts to return, but a layer of epidermis has covered the gap in which the hair was before. The hairs only continue to grow but then they develop underneath the skin and start to flake as they've nowhere else to go. Since the epidermis is a really strong organ it reacts to the trapped hair growth under the skin with redness, itching, swelling, pain and after that potential disease, called folliculitis.

Our initial response is to eliminate it by any means necessary. That in many cases may result in trauma of the epidermis and potential post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation or discoloration and is a really bad method to get rid of ingrown hairs.

Ingrown hairs may occur naturally when the hair is not powerful enough to pierce skin or when your skin is thick or obstructed. They tend to happen more on women and men using hair removal methods, such as waxing and epilating. Shaving is the largest offender of ingrown hairs since it increases back with a sharper edge and so can quickly poke back into the skin Instead of from it.

If you have never had a ingrown hair they may be challenging to see if you are unsure. Ingrown hairs are rather common amongst women and men, and especially with people who shave because the hair will grow back straightened and sharper which empowers it to have trapped underneath the epidermis.

Though they're rather common, some folks get recurring ingrown hairs in a lot of areas around the entire body. If it describes you, then it may be worth it to find a medical practitioner and find guidance on where to proceed next to get rid of ingrown hairs.

Just a small amount of prevention will lower the speed of ingrown hairs, but when some do pop up you'll have the knowledge required to eliminate them safely and quickly. Caring for our skin and attention may have enormous advantages for our self-esteem but also guarantee no further complications grow down the trail.

Competitive Highlights

Won Mumbai Women's Street Biker Contest in 2016.