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Personal History

Hey! My name is Sienna and I live in Hawaii. I've lived here all of my life and always around to travel. I grew up on Kauai and have lived on the north shore for thirteen years. Then I recently moved to the east side for almost one year now. It's hard to move but hey it's a change and I love changes. My family is my best of support for me and who I can trust and talk to, knowing they are there for me whenever I need them. They are such caring parents and keep us running with our lives. I have two dads and one brother living in my household. I have about fourteen siblings total and I really enjoy having them around once in awhile because it's great to see how they have been living their lives... 

I have many goals to achieve in my time living on this beautiful planet! I'm an athlete so I'm always doing something very sporty and fun. I take part in, track, basketball, swimming, motox, boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, tennis, equestrian, and some football! Yes a lot to do as a fourteen year old but I am glad I'm so talented into everything I've ever done. So very grateful to know the things that I can do as in my early years growing up! Let's actually get to the fun stuff, my goals. I have pushed myself so hard to be ready to fight in UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) one day and hopefully become the champion female of the world and take my title. I am very aggressive when I fight so I know I definitely have a great chance of becoming something that I've always watched on TV!! My next goal would be to be the worlds fastest female in track, just thinking about it gives me so much motivation to keep pushing myself to become better and better. I started competing in track when I was in fourth grade, and still going onto ninth grade! I am definitely gonna compete in equestrian and wrestling, even though I've already started, but I wanna become a major at it! So that's my main history and goals definitely excited to start looking for a sponsorship and move on with life and support anyone who I can get sponsored by! 

Thanks so much for your guys time for reading this! 

Riding Goals

First of all my first goal is to have fun ;). But I do in fact have some goals I would love to accomplish over time. I would have to say my main one is gonna have to be the fact that I love riding for speed and sometimes I might get a little careless and not notice who's riding around me and I could cause an accident. I am definitely getting way better at it and knowing my surroundings so I don't cause trouble! Another goal that I have would be, when I'm riding I have noticed that I don't take my turns the way I should. I always have my foot out in front of me, but sometimes I have to realize that the way I do it won't stop me from messing up the turn on the corners! Definitely love working on that one for sure, to me it's really important to know how to get your turns right on! I always have to notice my body position because when I'm riding I have to remember, lean forward, arms and elbows out. The last thing would be practicing with the best of the riders and getting tips from others who are advanced and know what they are doing!