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Personal History

Who am I
My name is Solus Oswald and I come from a small town in British Columbia Canada called Salmo, and I have big dreams.  When I was 13 years old, one of my dad's friends gave us an old pit bike, the moment I threw my leg over that bike I knew what I wanted to pursue with my life. On my 13th birthday, my parents bought me a 2007 Rm85L, I spent a limited amount of time on that machine. My larger stature moved me up to 2003 Rm125 almost right after my first bike.  Racing an older bike has its downfalls and expenses, but taught me the value of hard work and dedication.  When I line up on the gate, my goal is not only to be the fastest and baddest guy out there, but to be the smartest as well, and make a positive image of myself and the sport!  I want to leave the track on my feet and be ready for the next race.  That does not mean that I will not push my limits or take risks to win.  Not only do I want to be a canvas to represent the people behind me, I want to have your name everywhere. Be a positive hardworking brand ambassador and do all I can to help the companies who help me. Whatever we have to do to get where I need to be as a successful racer,  We are going to do it with a smile!


My Racing History

Local scene
We are members of the Kootenay Motocross Dirtbike and ATV Society.  We have a great track to practice and attend races on frequently.  My parents are both on the Board, my Mom being the Secretary on the Executive and my Dad being an active Board Member and active volunteer.

First year competing, I raced the Future West Amateur Motocross Series, and local side races.
Class’s: Open beginner, School boy 12 - 17, and 2 stroke
~ Round 2 Future West - Quesnel - Placed 1st overall open beginner, Placed 8th overall Schoolboy
~ Round 6 Future West - Kamloops -  Placed 1st overall open beginner, Placed 8th overall Schoolboy
~ Round 7 Future West - Mission -  Placed 3rd overall open beginner, DNF-DNS Schoolboy - Bike problems!
~ Round 8 Future West - Williams Lake - Placed 19th overall open beginner, 4th overall schoolboy
Future West Series Championship - placed 3rd overall in open beginner and 9th overall in Schoolboy
~ Local race, 1st overall in 250A
~ Local race, 2nd overall in 250A

2019 was our first year racing seriously, it was intended as a learning experience, and to get ready for taking the 2020 season by the horns! We raced 2019 on an old machine with a minimal budget. Our goal was to get out of the gate and see if I had what it takes, try and make it to all the races and do well enough to ensure this was the path we were going to take. Racing the older, stock bike hurt us a little at the races and in between, whether that be having to rebuild the whole bike the night before the race because we couldn't find the discontinued parts we needed until the last second, or running a whole moto with a disengaged clutch, we pushed through all of the adversities and went out and gave it 100 percent! We had a pretty action packed year, and made as many races as we were able to.  I will fight for this dream to become a reality and nothing will stop me from lining up at the gate and giving it everything I have no matter the circumstances. We are coming into the 2020 season more prepared mentaly, more physically fit, and entering the scene with a more equipped and steady set up as well, allowing me to just focus on the racing. Aiming for top 5 in all of my classes is also important, not only showing the speed I have but the consistency as well.


2020 was a difficult year for racing, From The Covid - 19 situation we ended up having to miss the first round of regionals due to not being able to have the bike ready, in the short notice we were given to go racing. We were very fortunate to have had the opportunity to even race in 2020.  It was also only my second year racing and my first year in the junior classes!

~ Round 2 Future West regional - 3rd OA in Open Junior, and 20th in 250 Junior
~ Round 3 Future West regional - 3rd OA in Open Junior, and 6th in 250 Junior
~ Round 4 Future West regional - 2nd OA in Open Junior, and 6th in 250 Junior


~ I will be racing 250 junior, and open junior again
~ I will be racing the 3 - 4 western, Parts Canada Amateur Nationals
~ I will also race all the Future west regionals that do not conflict with the Nationals
~ I will Also be trying to qualify for the eastern, Walton Trans Canada Amateur National championship, though we do not know for sure if that will happen due to the travel distance.
~ I will race the Western Canadian Amateur National championship.

Riding Goals

Reach the top step of Canadian Motocross, later making my way to compete in Monster Energy Supercross and AMA outdoor nationals.

Competitive Highlights

Only being on a year dirtbike for a couple years, and racing for just under two total years, I have established My place in the top 3 in junior class on a regional scale, and am now taking it to amateur nationals only 2 and a half years in.