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Personal History

My name is Stephen (A.K.A. Austin) Rich and I am currently 14 years old.  I like riding and racing motocross and harescrambles but enjoy just riding in general.  I have been to Millsaps Training Facility (MTF) for a week-long camp and two-week long camp.  The classes that I race right now are supermini 1, supermini 2, youth 14-16, Schoolboy 1, Schoolboy 2, and in harescrambles I race Junior B.  Sponsors would really help me out in my racing career and I would mention your name whenever I get the chance.  When I am hanging out at local races and people ask me who my sponsors are, I have to say that I don't have any.  That is what I would like to change.  Whenever I see any professional racers at the, track I like to go introduce myself and make freinds with them.  Everybody at my local tracks are my freinds and I like making new freinds.  Riding is not the only thing that I like doing.  I also enjoy surfing, skateboarding, reading, basketball, skimboarding, and hanging out with freinds.

Riding Goals

I have a few goals for the coming year.  One of these goals is to make it to Loretta Lynn's and win in all of my classes.  Also, I would like to get better at supercross.  I would like to win the Winter Am in both supercross and motocross.  One of my major goals is to be able to compete with the top riders on my size bikes.  When I do get better at supercross one of my goals in that area would be to win the Moster Energy Cup.  Another one of my goals is to get sposored and help out those companies that help to support my racing career and help me acheive my goals.

Competitive Highlights

To begin with, I have been racing harescrambles for 7 years now and have won a 65cc C class season in the 2007-2008 season.  My motocross career started a year and a half ago for racing and in the begginner class i won first place!  Also, I have tried once for Loretta Lynn's in the 85cc 12-14 class and made it up to regionals.  I did not qualify for Loretta Lynn's, but it was a great experience for me.  I have also been for teh 2012 season of Loretta Lynns in Supermini 1, Supermini 2, and Sr. Mini stock 12-14.  I placed alright in those races but crashed as well.  In my first race on my supermini, I came in first place both motos and won the overall.  I have won many, many races in harescrambles and motocross.  So many that we had to put plaques in piles around my room and hang them on the wall.